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We have a proven track record for delivering results in time with complex cases.  If you have an issue that requires immediate attention, please send us a note in the Contact Us section .

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Our vision is to add value to products and services to build a better business and better competitiveness

Our Vision

Our History

PolyDM started in 2010 offering technical services to wood, adhesives and coating plants.  Our expertise is built around wood products : structural and non-structural glued products and construction specialties (construction adhesives, flooring, sealants, etc), adhesives and coatings.  We participate in Codes & Standards development through CSA and have an extensive experience with North American certifications on wood products.  In 2015, a Business Development Leader was added to our team to focus more on the Titebond branded products at the retail level.

As the demand for environment responsible products grown, we also extended our offering to include low VOC materials that do not compromise performance.  Going green?  We'd love to help.

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Over the past 7 years, we provided our expertise to plants, distributors, investment firms, governments and research labs.  Sales and technical support are among the things we do well but we are also recognized for R&D, product development, mill & process assessment, training events, expert witness in commercial claims or lawsuits.  If you have a challenge for us, make sure to Contact Us.

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